Cassandra - San Angelo

"Chad, I can never thank you and Mike enough for helping us make our dreams come true.  We never thought we could own a house. We are very grateful for everything."

Chasity - San Angelo

"Dear Mike & Chad, we want to express our appreciation to you for building us our dream home.  We have dreamed of owning our own home since the day we married.  Now that we have our little family and our new home, our life is set because of y'all."

"Cannot wait to see our new custom built home! I’ve been telling everyone I know about you and the great work you do. ❤️"

Beth Ilene

"We moved to San Angelo in May 2017 and rented an apartment for one year while house hunting. We looked at house after house after house and we just were not settled upon anything we saw because a nice, modern, new construction house large enough to fit our growing family was very expensive. Growing weary in the search, we decided to take a break until one morning we saw a commercial on the television about a builder building new, nice, modern homes at affordable prices.


That very morning we went to the neighborhood where these new houses were being built just to take a look. The first person we met was the builder himself. We explained our frustrating journey in the house hunt and that we saw the commercial and just wanted to come check it out.  He proceeded to give us tours of the homes explaining the building process and the philosophy of his company. Then he asked us what our story was.


That was refreshing because he was more interested in getting to know us as a family and helping as he could. He truly understood that some people just need a fresh start and wanted to be able to give one to us. The product NuHome turns out is nothing short of exceptional quality and beautiful craftsmanship. Any future home purchases will be compared to this house. Working with them has truly felt like it was from their family to ours."

Aaron - San Angelo